PO Box 491503
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Constructed in a Northeastern Georgia saw mill in 1861, Driftlab has proved to be way ahead of the curve on this whole Internet thing. What began as a newsgroup for stay-at-home Confederate housewives has become an award-winning interactive agency that's developed both digital and traditional experiences for some of the world's most successful brands.

With offices in Atlanta & St. Louis, where you'll find garlands of mint climbing the walls & a replay of the Battle of Shiloh on ESPN, Driftlab employees are hard at work, merging application development with "next level" creative: animation, games, multimedia experiences, mobile & more.

Driftlab has been recognized repeatedly by The FWA award & received an Adobe Site of the Day award, as well as been featured in TASCHEN's Web Design series. We're forward-thinkers & tinkerers, partners & collaborators, ready to take on your next campaign. Welcome to the sweet South in new-media marketing & design.